Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor How Do You Use A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor To Get An Accurate Reading?

How do you use a wrist blood pressure monitor to get an accurate reading? - wristech blood pressure monitor

I have high blood pressure a little high, and I am measuring at home. My wife bought me a wrist blood pressure monitors wristech but I'm not sure whether the position of the wrist to get an accurate reading.


stargaze... said...

She put it like clockwork, but it needs to go on the back of the wrist, then you have to sit in silence ... to speak or to move to ... get an accurate reading. Also, be sure the same wrist, if you read, you can then compare the results. but remember that your blood pressure naturally fluctuates a bit during the day.

hope said...

I once had. She heard from my doctor, not reliable. Was, in fact, he did into his office and in front of the cuff playing for the wrist strap and left. In addition, the closest to his heart, the best reading. And poor blood flow to the extremities is less accurate.

or_try_t... said...

You can work for some people, but was never able to get consistent results. Thanks to his wife about his good intentions and purchase or borrow a cuff model to see the brand image, whether it is better for you.

Good luck!

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