Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jamaica Vacations How I Can Find Out Do I Need Visa To Jamaica If I Am Going There On Vacation And I Am Bosnian?

How I can find out do I need visa to Jamaica if I am going there on vacation and I am Bosnian? - jamaica vacations

I would like to go to Jamaica on vacation, but I do not know what visa.Tell how I can do that, or do I look?


knacks said...

Better to ask the travel agent that the travel / cruise offers. You need to know for sure.
Another good way to get the latest information is to visit the official website of the Foreign Office in Bosnia. It must be some information, I think.

Enjoy your trip to Jamaica!

Charlie said...

You can use the site to see below. Just enter your nationality and destination and click information. You will see that you are required to possess a visa, but you may need while in Jamaica.

shnstjoh... said...

Go to Google. Com and ask for Jamaica Visa requirements

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