Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Does Cm Look Like Before Menstruation What Coulour Or How Should Cm Look 2 Days Before Period Due?

What coulour or how should cm look 2 days before period due? - what does cm look like before menstruation

A / F due Sunday, but I am very wet, which cm, whether this unusual, but the yellow color could be a sign of pregnancy.


Jessy said...

The cervical mucus can not be used as an indicator of pregnancy, but a sign of fertility, as it changes throughout your cycle if you are pregnant or not. So it depends on what is normal for you: if you usually white CM after the period, then that is what could be. Otherwise you may change your cycle may have an infection or it could be related to pregnancy, but it is a sure way to determine anything other than fertility (and some women still find it hard to control with only CM)

Emily said...

Hmm, I agree with the other woman, it does not seem healthy. Mine is usually white, before my time.

JK<3 said...

Yellow does not seem healthy to see a doctor if they are not gone .... TMRW

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