Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nokia E71 Front Camera How To Use The Front Camera Of My Nokia E71 To Take Pictures?

How to use the front camera of my Nokia E71 to take pictures? - nokia e71 front camera

She likes you, right? You want to take pictures of you, so you can admire, even if you do not have a mirror. Very good, I think the sad thing is that you are not smart enough to make it in private and ask for advice to the public.

If the camera application will not allow you to turn the unit (change in operation, either through your options menu or via the -)> Preferences, then this means that the front was in front of the camera is not designed as such use. However, access to 3rd party applications on the camera, you may find that you can to capture images of their own accumulation.

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thirumal said...

I think it is used for video calling ...

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