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Remote Programmer Elantra What Should A Technical Design Document Contain For A Software Project?

What should a Technical Design Document contain for a Software Project? - remote programmer elantra

I was looking for a great role model for a technical design document, you know what it should contain a document and what does not. When a remote software programmers can develop solely on the basis of the information contained in this document? Should activity diagrams or charts or algorithms? Thank you for your reply.


nachiket... said...

Basically, the main task of the technical design document is to ensure that developers of one and all to develop the application. However, the technical design document must be understood in a language that your developers can be written. And we believe that these differ from company to company ... If the developer does not understand UML, activity diagrams, etc., it is unnecessary to prepare a technical design document with UML. But if your company follows this format and the developers who are familiar with him, then you should go with him.

In most cases, the technical design document is created in 2 parts. 1. High Level Design Document (HLDD), 2 Low Level Design Document (LLDD).

The HLDD contains an overview of the architecture, components for use in the details about the program, interaction with other applications, the protocols are used as collateral, etc. reusable compone

The LLDD contains all the details, should the program as the dictionary of the database to be written, the method name,Details of reusable components, components, and reuse. More importantly, it also contains the code and nickname.

Its main objective is to reduce reliance on technical developers, architects / designers.

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It should be designed with )..... UML (Unified Modeling Language Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio UML tools are ........

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