Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Song For Horror Movie Trailer What A Good Song About Meeting Your Best Friend?

What a good song about meeting your best friend? - best song for horror movie trailer

I want to make a movie and its more than 2 people, the children and eventually fall in love and marry.

I need a song in the place where to take the children to play and best friends. This should have a song about fun and are the best friends, love is not really the time to act, because it will happen. What is a good song is happy to meet your soul mate or best friend? Something big, fast and fun.


Harmonik... said...

Soulmate Natasha Bedingfeild
See You Again by Miley Cyrus
I'll Stand By You by Carrie Underwood
My life would suck without you by Kelly Clarkson
I will always be for Michelle Branch
Love Story Taylor Swift

☮jungle drum said...

Quick Song by Maria Taylor.
Its very nice. But this situation reminds me of the movie my girl .. The question was my girl cute from the temptations of the song so!

skitz said...

People I tell you bout my best friend.

I do not know the title, but thats the main line.

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