Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink And Brown Baby Shower Cakes What Should I Wear To My Baby Shower?

What should I wear to my baby shower? - pink and brown baby shower cakes

I have a baby shower soon, I'm with a girl. The thing is that I do not like the color pink: / The topic of my baby shower is sugar and spice and everything nice. The colors are pink and brown. I am a little bit about what I wear, because I could have more than 30 guests in a hotel room. Please help I need.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure nobody cares, as long as you feel comfortable. His pregnant to play for fun, while you can this card. Hell, a demon, wear blue. Its your party and you can use whatever you want! Have fun and congratulations.

cant wait to meet Kenleigh! 3/23 said...

be sure to keep her comfortable! Wear long-sleeved shirts and not cause much heat is in this specific opening and get running.

wear the brown pants and Nice, there is a beautiful, pink shirt, if you have the feeling that you are using that color. my mom dosent like pink clothes necessarily, but for some strange reason she has a pink sweater for Christmas. to find it for you, something you like pink. Otherwise, use a different colored shirt, no one will remember or insulted!

My sister just a shower, and there was a purple theme going, and was wearing a pink shirt and black. It was nice and not once did I have anyone, not even recognize that "match". Good luck and have fun:)

LovingL... said...

Use what you prefer

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