Friday, January 22, 2010

Herpes Itching Legs Itching Then Intense Burning Like Glass When I Pee And Shower? Herpes? Vaginitis? Yeast Infection?

Itching then Intense burning like glass when I pee and shower? herpes? vaginitis? yeast infection? - herpes itching legs

Tuesday, my vagina began to itch and scratched badly when I start taking a shower when I cleaned my vagina was burning intensely in the inner labia and the base of the cavity that the shearing of the glass.

- Every time you urinate, or to put the water in which the burning of the labia minora so hard that the heat of fire and glass and knives, and my legs are shaking, do not urinate and the hole burning d 'and felt nothing such as an infection of the urinary tract.
- I peed 2 times that day and put A & D ointment in the middle of the night to pee the next time will not burn. Symptoms seem to disappear.

my vagina seemed to enjoy a dry texture, but no blows or wounds are visible in all

But today I have a shower after his itch again?

What is it?


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how's this said...

The differential diagnosis is healthy.
Could one of these things, but the test and possibly a buffer would need to know for sure.

Go see a doctor, please.

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