Thursday, January 21, 2010

Planner Software What's The Best Day Planner Software For Students?

What's the best day planner software for students? - planner software

I'm a student looking for a calendar / diary, and I am satisfied with the Yahoo Widget. Suggestions?


hipeople... said...

Microsoft Outlook calendar ... Simple, efficient, and can be said that in the system tray are running does not see, but you are still in

Del Piero 10 said...

Use the planner in Outlook.

alexonfi... said...

Get a MacBook. It will solve everything
OR The new iPhone Shuffle

jungleju... said...

I use win alarm. The free

one thing very good free on Linux under KDE again

Erik H said...

Download Palm Desktop. The free and does not need a PDA. They have addresses, phone numbers, notes, events.

Try also Google Calendar.

NT said...

Micrososft perspectives and also works very well

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