Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White And Black Damask Wrapping Paper Would You Wrap A Wedding Present With Black Paper?

Would you wrap a wedding present with black paper? - white and black damask wrapping paper

Do not wrap a wedding gift for black (with a damask pattern has been lost, they have very chic) and a white band? Or would you prefer plain purple / pink wrapping paper with a white band?


Capricor... said...

I definitely do not use black paper and the color purple / pink. I want to use brown paper to fit the occasion. Just walk into any store and look through the paper for their weddings. Just my opinion.

Mr Warrior said...

The Negro problem only when I was brilliant.
In other words, black, and brightness.

If it's just black, no shine to him because I did not give the impression of being wrong or making a little outside the party.

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