Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can A Doctor Drug Test A Minor How Can Cop Say Failed All Sobriety Tests When Never Gave Me Breathalyzer Or Blood Test?

How can cop say failed all sobriety tests when never gave me breathalyzer or blood test? - can a doctor drug test a minor

How can I put by the civil courts for driving under the influence of invoice, unless the police gave me a breathalyzer or blood test when he returned, not prohibit alcohol or drugs in the blood? I have 2 sleeping pills he was always more than 3 hours to take effect. This has been a doctor. These pills were not taken 2 times per week for a period of 6 months, always at least 3 hours has since come into force. He took the pills on the way home from an obligation fell within an hour and leaned over the wheel, was involved in an accident with minor injuries. I had just lost a pet lover of the day and spent almost the whole night without sleep, because they, and stress. The prosecutor is not criminally responsible, but honestly, I was responsible for"Driving under the influence." If it has anything in my blood by the Ministry of Trans pills never touched up to 3 or more hours after ingestion of prescription physician for more than 6 mos.how can be claimed for DUI?

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