Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pronounciation Of Nicodemus Hebrew Linguists, Is There Any Difference In Pronounciation Between The Kubutz Vowel And The Shuruk/melupum?

Hebrew linguists, is there any difference in pronounciation between the kubutz vowel and the shuruk/melupum? - pronounciation of nicodemus

Is there a place that made a difference in pronunciation? And if not, then why have two cards (without VVS, in Gematria ...)? can be used

Although there is no difference in the sound, so why not with Choloma VAV VAV and Choloma without separation?


Boomeran... said...

Kubutz is a short vowel is shuruk a long vowel.
Niqud is how the Bible is based, so that the "existing regulations", after it was already spoken.
For this reason, very few exceptions and irregularities.

tequilac... said...

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If you usually refers to the standard in modern Hebrew, the pronunciation of kubutz and shuruk is the same, both are "U" for "Melody" or "moon".

Shay p said...

Kubutz (Hebrew: קֻבּוּץ) is a sign Niqqud Hebrew vowel points of three diagonal "ֻ" represented in a letter. Shuruk (Hebrew: שׁוּרוּק) is another sign Niqqud Hebrew vowel and is represented by a dot in the middle and on the left side a "וּ Vav. In modern Hebrew, also indications that the phoneme / u /, the same as the oo "sound on the Moon and transcribed or". "

Revan Hideki {JPA} said...

Kubutz can be any combination of letters and shuruk is only for Vav? XD
Many letters in Hebrew, the same sound

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