Monday, February 1, 2010

Condensation Drying The Humidifier In Our Bedroom Creates Condensation On The Windows Which Drips And Ruins The Windowsill Paint.?

The humidifier in our bedroom creates condensation on the windows which drips and ruins the windowsill paint.? - condensation drying

We need to a portable humidifier in our room every night (which is unbearable to run dry) and the condensation of droplets in the Windows window to be created, and the ruins of the painting. Does anyone know a solution for this?


tolstoi1 said...

1) Use a sheet of plastic insulation. The hardware stores sell kits. It covers the windows, then remove with a hair dryer on the plastic to reduce wrinkles.

2) Cover the edge of a Saran film, films, etc.

3) Spray the window sill with a furniture polish. The kind you buy at 99 ¢ stores will take months.

jsyco155... said...

Windows insulation must drain to reduce the deviations from the inside out, because it results in condensation. cheaply than fast that plastic could be put on the heart of the widow, leaving a hole a few inches between the window and plastic. Good luck.

darrell h said...

I think I live too much moisture in the air in a short period of time.I in Alaska, where it is very dry in winter 2 Run months.I humidifiers over the winter.

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