Friday, February 12, 2010

Panasonic 3ccd Pro Sumer The Panasonic DVX100b 3ccd Non Hi-def Pro Sumer Or A Consumer Hi-def Camcorder Whats Better?

The Panasonic DVX100b 3ccd non hi-def pro sumer or a consumer hi-def camcorder whats better? - panasonic 3ccd pro sumer

The DVX100B Panasonic 3CCD prosumer HD Hi-def or a consumer, such as vixie Canon HV30 HD camcorder, what better? What better for an investment? Sure you can get HD in the lighter color, but the weight was clearity DVX100B on the photo, and I think that the king could not always blue DVX100B format not so sure. Please release all the answers to me, all are welcome. Thank you.

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Nikolai said...

It's a good question ... and is a difficult decision and I will explain the pros and cons of each. Of course, choose one of the most important factors that the price to consumers and HD video cameras would be much cheaper. In the meantime, HD camcorders will have more pixels, which means a higher resolution than prosumer SD camcorder. The HV30 above all a clear picture of higher resolution than the DVX100B.

But the prosumer HD cameras or not, the video offers many features that a video camera for consumers. First, as you have already mentioned the 3-prosumer cameras image sensors (CCD DVX100B 3) compared to smart consumer video cameras only. 3-chip camera offers higher sensitivity, played, ie, better colorction. Another feature of the manual controller, a prosumer camera. Many people forget how important a good manual controls, but distinguished filmmaker filmmakers simple family vacation. The manual control you can manipulate the whole image, and personally, I like (the manual controls on the HV20, like the HV30). I tend to leave it on automatic, because it is a pain manually. Normally this would be a factor, but it's hard to say which are HV20 and HV30 in auto mode well. It is faster and more accurate autofocus, that I have seen. However, for artistic reasons, I prefer manual controls.
In addition, the DVX100B offers dual XLR audio inputs, while the HV30 has only a mini-one. The XLR-CAN-B lotEtter microphones get in touch for clear sound. It may not seem so important, but the audio quality is almost more important than image quality. However, you can upgrade to Mini-XLR-XLR adapter, as they made from BeachTek. Some microphones are decent mini though. I love my RODE VideoMic.

In a brief summary, here are the pros and cons of each:
Consumer HD:
PROS: Cheaper, serving more pixels = higher resolution, easy to use, small and compact,
Weaknesses: Poor manual controls audio connections to poor quality (if available), HD = uses more space on your computer, and change more difficult to 1-Image Sensor

Prosumer SD
PROS: 3 image sensors = better color reproduction, hand controls, Pro audio connections
CONS: Low resolution, large and bulky, expensive, complicated

I know it's a difficult decision, but whatever their decision, I am sure he will be satisfied .... Both are excellent cameras.

Well, I hope that helped a little, and good luck to

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