Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dog Ate Her Out Thanks For All The Great Answers About Dog Eating Her Poop.?

Thanks for all the great answers about dog eating her poop.? - dog ate her out

Pick-up twice a day, I believe that the food will also be paid back. I'll see if they are abroad. I feed them dry food for dog top brand in Canada. I give vegetables. She eats ecologist, I will try to eat the pineapple processing and the meat tender them. Thanks again to everyone.


Vashti said...

This behavior is called coprophagy, the vicious dog, the vile habit that forces some dogs eat their own feces and other dogs.

The good news is that your dog is likely to exceed - like most dogs. But until that point where there is a lot you can do for him.

Up to limit your dog to improve their culinary preferences, to immediately clean up any crap, and keep your dog on a leash at the entrance. It also maintains a monthly deworming medication and prevention of heartworm disease.

With respect to food, there are many products that are sprinkled on food for your dog can discourage coprophagy, but there is little evidence of how effective they are.

Ultimately, you keep your dog away from any chair, or your own anotheER dog will help you overcome this habit.


1. A dog with a physical problem, excessive hunger, pain or other sensations caused.
2. A dog is not eating enough or too long between meals.
3. A dog from intestinal parasites or other condition that creates blood or other fecal changes.
4. Some dogs develop a mental connection that they are punished if the people are in the same room with feces.
5. Boredom.
6. Separation anxiety.

Help The first thing you can do to overcome, we may eat feces to clean the area of dog droppings to.

This means, toilet training and monitoring of the dog if the dog is in the designated zone.

imanetju... said...

There are many products for this, as mentioned above, but here is a trick to prove that it is cheaper, easier and more natural. Back to the shop and buy a box of pumpkin pie filling is not only canned pumpkin. Add a tablespoon of food every time the dog food. This makes the feces taste bad (as if) you need help with, I mean, I feel bad for the dog. Hope this helps.

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