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Ccw Knife Colorado Ohio CCW Question?

Ohio CCW Question? - ccw knife colorado

I have a license .... Anyway, my question is .. If you walk with his family, and someone approaches you with a knife or other object, then (a weapon because if it is a weapon, he would not) this approach and calls for the wallet and d money. He could draw his weapon and walk with their performance? I've heard that if you pull your weapon in order to make better use of otherwise fear for your life, but as I see it is that if someone with a knife I'm afraid for my life, but if I can up my gun and prevents damage to me or my family and I can do without killing them or hurting and not do ... Well, if you had a weapon, it would be different because I do not use on me, but if it is a knife that I have trouble to extinguish the firerm keep it?


Gonzo said...

While you take the weapon legally, will not bother to take themselves or attempted by any other person to commit a crime to defend. If we are able to defend themselves, without firing the weapon that will have fewer complications after the incident. Everything about "If you are to make the best use of firearms" is a fairy woman.

Mr. Goodhi said...


a firearm is an important deterrent effect.

Josh said...

It might be possible to have problems. There are many misconceptions about it. First, I should mention that I do not agree with this law, but it is what it is. The thing to consider is the difference between an "implicit" and "applied" threat. If you have a knife and are not available, so do not represent an implicit threat. A weapon to be remote controlled and has a very long time, so it is a "threat". If someone points a gun at you or someone else, then you have the right to use deadly force to stop them. If someone threatened with a knife, you can not use deadly force until they make a gesture. If you or start a breakthrough in reducing the gap between the two yearsU is the implicit threat to the application and are then allowed to use lethal force. If anyone comes to you with a knife moves until he remain within 21 meters from you. At that distance, the law can recognize the fear for his life. At this point, draw and make it clear that the intention to shoot someone when they make a breakthrough. If you continue to pull the trigger come, then. If you clear leather before it within that radius of 21 feet, then the law says, you are swinging his weapon, a crime.

Was not covered in the class of the Convention? If not, then Jippe. Make sure you understand the laws, is the main objective of the class.

Kevin said...

The answer is not simple, cookie cutter for this question. Yes, there was some agreement, better education, say that you download to your gun if you touch it, but what if the attacker is armed with a knife needs to flee when he sees that you have a weapon, You can respond to that? It would be hard to justify as self-defense.

It is difficult to deal with how this situation because each situation will be different and many things must be considered when applying the law is the investigation. It will also depend, in Ohio, where it happened, some courts are very different for the defense.

In my opinion, if someone tries to steal, and / or draw your family with a knife, if yourWeapon to defend himself or others, and he stopped and ordered him to drop his weapon and lay down on the floor is filled. I would have no problem with this situation themselves.

But it's really better not to steal, just clean your nails. If there is someone else, you will not get stolen. They hope that people who fear for his life and writing a statement of support. I have heard of issues on which the owner has the ACC defending his gun to a stranger and the stranger told police release added: "I really think the guy wanted to hurt me, I give my money. A major problem for the licensee.

In addition, if the attacker is in the vicinity, because often users are knives: Do you think you could your rifle and said hellom, before his move and you killed? The poster cited the "rule of 21 feet. This is the distance from someone with a knife can cover before drawing and firing. I often tell people to sell the victims of attacks that are theirs. There is nothing in your wallet is worth your life. In general, save the policy to take convenience store employees together and all the money.

Try to keep a few feet between you and the person. If you are happy with your company, Let's Have it. If you seriously believe that you are in immediate danger, then do what you must do to defend themselves.

We hope that you never work in this situation.

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