Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dots As A Line Pregnancy Test Is A Pregnancy Test Invalid If The Control Line Is Dotted?

Is a pregnancy test invalid if the control line is dotted? - dots as a line pregnancy test

I took a pregnancy test today (first response), the first result, and that in the past, the border shows almost instantly for me, has about 2 minutes to first result I believe that the test had not taken enough urine. I did throw one, and was inclined just to the right, as the test window began to fill with light pink liquid, and displayed my command line.

The problem is that the border is a strange color for a few minutes, and when at last the darkness, I noticed that seemed disappointed.

My question: Is it a normal control dotted line? Can I still take the test the validity of the negative, and follow my path? Or should I try again at some point? And if I do, and maybe you is a defectt mean that the other two tests in the table is three likely to be poor?



♥DylucĂ­a... said...

Is not you say so in the box?

bLeSSeD 1 said...

Yes, darling, try again definitely! Good luck

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