Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photos Of Bottomless Women Found An Email My G/f Wrote....questions About OUR Relationship Now...?

Found an email my g/f wrote....questions about OUR relationship now...? - photos of bottomless women

We share things. We did not hide. It is a rule in our relationship. So we know from other passwords, and others. Then I'll e-mail) to a fish E-mail to me (long story and I 2 years ago an e-mail (note that because we know no more. The first e-mail reply from your ex friend to her back. What she said: "I miss you, miss having sex with you, I miss when I said at the end (edited lol) So he answered back with" If I missed your _ _ _ _ ( Bas), I wish you had sex once again my regret, but I miss you too "
Ok, so I am mad and hurt. Then I come across 2 more e-mails.
Who sent the pictures open topless (but still topless)
The next step was without a floor (yes) in sight, with 3 other normal (just hanging) images.
So now I'm angry and hurt.

I make sure. Of course she denies. I do not remember. I would never have done. Bla bla bla. I think, butThere are too many tests.
Should have been A), even if people knew the password, which you are in our computer, the only place where the pictures are saved.
B) could be a hacker? or play one of his old friends with her?
C) What can I do? I do not want our relationship to end, but this shit is inexcusable (who took this position against myself and talk to other girls .... we talk much less about sex .... and much less you talk with an ex -IT)
D) I want to believe. I think ..... But the proof is that ....?
E) help please .... I do not know what I do now


Erica J said...

You have the right to be angry, I'm sure it would be so hurt and angry if the roles were reversed, denying the evidence that, despite the fear, you lose. Two years ago, was inexcusable, but that perhaps there were problems between you two and she does this because he was disturbed again, not an excuse, but we all, or hurtful things from the character when to bother you. It seems you do not want to lose your property, to speak what to see where you are, tell your problems and fears and all reasons. Tell him less boring if it was only supported this, and what I did wrong. Ask her is that she is unhappy in the relationship, and it does not, therefore, to see if theres a way to work in front of him to take the time to not feel so bad about her, but If she cares about you and loves you enough to work again to earn your trust. But if I were you, I ask if there is more than just e-mail. Be alert, but not remove it, and certainly can not turn the tables and evil against you. This is aMany people use it as a defense mechanism, so you do not feel guilty for their actions.

othellop... said...

get rid of before his soul mate. They do not come back to them. be to stop and power over them, and you have to preserve their dignity.

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