Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Breast Pump Rental Nashville, TN Area Breast Pump Rental?

Nashville, TN area Breast pump rental? - breast pump rental

Does anyone recommend good places to rent a breast pump?

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K. F said...

Try the hospital where your child is born. You will have breast pumps hospital class, they were cleaned and disinfected before the rent for the use. You have to remain its own set or pull, if you buy the pump back.

If you want to use a pump for more than a month, but may want to purchase a breast pump, because the search costs. There are some very good quality pump, such as professional Medela Pump In Style.

PS If the pump is the height of the hospital, it can be completely disassembled, cleaned and disinfected, and you buy a breast pump that is used is not really be recommended for health and combat disease.

Good luck!

PS If you choose a breast pump, low cost, are fine if you are pumping occasionally. If you are daily pumps pump at low cost will not last long. I added a link to a Web site that the level of the pump: ...

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