Thursday, December 17, 2009

Db Artist Did AC/DC Ever Change Their Band Name To AC/dB?

Did AC/DC ever change their band name to AC/dB? - db artist

In iTunes, I get an AC / DC 's songs, called "Let There Be Rock. I could not find the original album. Instead, I found: ...

And if the artist said, in iTunes, it says AC / dB instead of AC / DC. And I have made comparisons and stuff, but I can not say whether this version is an authentic AC / DC song or not. I'm not going to end up buying a fake version of the song.

Like the band change their name, or AC / dB his new name, anyway?

Viva La Raza!


Under a Glass Moon said...

No, it's AC / DC to the core. The song is either a forgery, confusion, or a lid.

AC / DC does not publish their music on iTunes, though, I think.

NoraCat said...

No, never changed its name, is still AC / DC.

Some people are not only artists on iTunes for several reasons.

So probably the songs, you ask, is a cover of another band (perhaps a "tribute" band) than AC / dB.

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